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Our Coffees


To drink

All our coffees are 100% Arabica and roasted in Provence



Guatemala - Intense - Notes of cocoa beans
Honduras - Fruity - Notes of citrus and white flowers
Mélanésia - Balanced - Notes of hazelnuts and dark chocolate

Café bio*                     1,50€

Organic* coffee

Ristretto 25ml - Expresso 50ml
Décaféiné bio* 50ml               1,50€

Organic* decaf

Café allongé 100ml                     1,80€

Long coffee
Americano Filter coffee 110ml     2,00€    

Café noisette 75ml         1,80€

Coffee with just a drop of milk

Café Vanilla glacé 250ml         3,00€

Iced Vanilla Coffee

Cappuccino glacé 350ml       3,80€

Iced cappuccino with oat milk


With milk foam and coffee  250ml - 3,50€

Flat white

With oat milk  250ml - 3,80€

Café viennois 350ml - 4,00€

Viennese Coffee

Latte 350ml

Cow's milk : 3,80€

Oat milk  : 4,30€

Latte praliné noisette ou caramel 350ml

Hazelnut praline or caramel latte with coffee, milk foam, and homemade coulis  
Cow's milk : 4,30€

Oat milk  : 4,80€

Formule Avignonnaise

Combo with :

1 croissant 

plain or chocolate


1 coffee

→ Praline or almond croissant      +0,30€



Gourmet Lattes

Latte Lavande 250ml                        4,30€

Lavender latte with oat milk

Campfire Latte 250ml                   4,30€
Latte with coffee, maple syrup, oat milk, salt

Latte Pepper marron  250ml          4,30€
Chestnut cream latte, with coffee, oat milk, pepper

Dirty Chaï Latte 350ml                 4,30

1 espresso, oat milk or cow's milk

Iced Lattes

Dirty noisette 350ml              5,90€
Latte with hazelnut coulis, oat milk, coffee, whipped cream, & served with a praline macaron on top!

Latte Framboise 350ml                  3,80€

Raspberry latte with oat milk

Latte lavande 350ml                           4,30€

with oat milk

Our teas & infusions


Our teas

Our latte teas to enjoy cold & hot - 4,00€

250ml - 2,80€


Thé blanc nature bio*
Organic* plain white tea
Thé blanc framboise bio*

Organic* raspberry white tea

Thé vert sencha bio*

Organic* sencha green tea*

Thé vert menthe citron bio*

Organic* lemon mint green tea*

Thé vert jasmin bio*
Organic* jasmine green tea
Thé noir Darjeeling bio*

Organic* darjeeling black tea
Thé noir Earl Grey bio*

Organic* Earl Grey black tea
Thé vert mangue bio*

Organic* mango green tea*

Thé noir de noël
Christmas black tea
Thé noir Assam Tchaï

Assam Chai black tea
Rooibos noix de coco bio*

Organic* coconut rooibos
Rooibos Chanvre Pamplemousse bio*
Organic*Grapefruit and hemp rooibos 

« Golden Latte » au chanvre - Oat Milk, Cocoa, Turmeric, and Hemp 350ml 
Indie Chaï - Oat Milk, Black Spiced Tea infused in Cow’s Milk or Plant-Based Milk - 350ml
Matcha - Oat Milk, Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder* - 350ml 
→ Cow's milk version - 3,50€

Our organic* infusions

Verveine 250ml - 2,80€
Verbena herbal tea

Tilleul-menthe 250ml - 2,80€
Linden-Mint herbal tea

Our Iced Teas & Infusions
350ml - 3,00€

Ô de fruit Agrumes
Citrus Fruit Water
Ô de fruit Fruits rouges
Red Fruit Water
Moji'thé Menthe Citron pétillant
Sparkling Mint Lemon Iced Tea
Thé vert Litchi
Iced Green Tea with Lychee
Thé vert Fraise Rhubarbe
Iced Green Tea with Strawberry-Rhubarb
Thé vert Pêche Passion
Iced Green Tea with Peach Passion
Infusion tarte au citron et chanvre
Lemon Tart and Hemp Flavored Infusion

Our hot chocolates

Nature 250ml 

Plain hot chocolate
Cow's milk - 3,50€
Oat milk - 4,00€

Praliné noisette coulis maison 250ml 

Hazelnut praline hot chocolate with homemade coulis

Cow's milk - 3,50€

Oat milk - 4,00€
Caramel coulis maison 250ml - 4,00€
Hot chocolate with homemade caramel coulis

Cow's milk - 3,50€

Oat milk - 4,00€
Chocolat viennois 350ml - 4,00€

Viennese hot chocolate
Cannella love avec chantilly 350ml - 4,00€

Cannella hot chocolate with whipped cream
Chocolat glacé au lait d'avoine 350ml - 3,80€

Iced oat milk chocolate

Our smoothies are made with pieces of fruit!

Sous le soleil d'Avignon 350ml - 6,50€
Coconut milk & oats, pineapple, banana, cane sugar
Milkshake Colorado 350ml - 6,50€
Strawberry and banana milkshake with oat milk 
Mimosa 350ml - 6,50€
Pineapple and papaya, apple juice - sugar-free & lactose-free

Cold Drinks

Jus de pomme 350ml - 3,00€
Apple juice
Orange pressée 350ml - 4,00€
Freshly squeezed orange juice
Eau minérale 500ml - 1,50€
Mineral water
Eau pétillante 500ml - 1,80€
Sparkling water
Sodas 330ml - 2,50€
Bière bouteille* 330ml - 4,50€
Bottled beer*
*contains alcohol

LEAMO bio* 330ml - 3,90€
Lemonade / Mate / Gingerbeer

CHILLED CBD 250ml - 4,50€
Hibiscus / Rose & Pepper / Apricot & Rosemary
Eau de coco 330ml - 4,90€
Coconut water

Sirop à l'eau bio* 330ml - 2,50€
Organic* syrup with water - Mint or Raspberry

Our homemade ice creams 🍨

Choose between a cup or a cone!

1 scoop - 3,50€

2 scoops - 4,50€

3 scoops  - 5,50

4 scoops - 6,50€


Extra charge 0.50€

To eat

Savory dishes

Our Bagels      6,90

LE NORDIQUE : Nordic bagel with ricotta, smoked salmon, chives

LE VÉGÉ' : Veggie bagel with cotta, mesclun salad, zucchini, goat cheese, olive oil & salt
LE SAINT BAGEL : Bagel with ricotta, smesclun salad, mozzarella, coppa, olive oil & salt

Heated to order & served with a green salad upon request  +1,00€

Croque Monsieur  6,90€
Sliced bread, fresh cream, cooked ham, Emmental & grated Gruyere
Served hot & with a green salad upon request   + 1,00€ 
 Variant with truffle oil      7,90€
Our Focaccias   6,50€ 
Homemade bread

L'ITALIENNE : « Italian » focaccia with tomato sauce, coppa, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, mesclun salad, basil, arrowroot sauce
LA VÉGÉTARIENNE : Vegetarian focc
acia with tomato sauce & ricotta, zucchini, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, mesclun salad, basil, olive oil, salt

Heated to order & served with a green salad upon request  +1,00€
Sandwich   4,90€

CIABATTA : Mesclun salad, goat cheese, Emmental, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, arrowroot sauce - Served hot ♨️
JAMBON EMMENTAL : Cereal bread, cooked ham, Emmental, mesclun, arrowroot sauce - Served cold ❄️
Salade Bowl   5,00€

Chickpeas, grated carrots, mesclun, croutons, cherry tomatoes, raw beetroot, arrowroot sauce


Saumon, jambon cuit, coppa, chèvre, mozzarella
Salmon, cooked ham, coppa, goat cheese, mozzarella

Savory Croissants
Jambon, emmental                                3,50€
Ham, Emmental

Saumon, ricotta, ciboulette              3,50€
Salmon, ricotta, chives
Fromage frais,
 herbes de Provence         2,50€
Fresh cheese, Provencal herbs

Our piccias  4,90€
A fusion between pizza and focaccia with homemade dough!

LA TOMATE MOZZA : Green pesto, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, mesclun, olive oil & salt
LA CLASSIQUE : Tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, coppa, mesclun, olive oil & salt

Heated to order & served with a green salad upon request  +1,00€

Nos formules

Palais des papes

Rocher des doms

Sur le pont

Verger Urbain V

Saint Didier

Tour Saint Jean

1 focaccia
1 bag of chips
1 cold drink
1 coffee

1 bagel
1 bag of chips
1 travel cake
1 coffee

1 savory croissant
1  salad
1 tart of your choice:

apple, pear, chocolate, lemon
1 coffee

1 salad of your choice
1 savory croissant
1 coffee

1 croque monsieur
1 macaron of your choice
1 coffee

1 sandwich
1 bag of chips
1 coffee




Our combos:





1 dirty roll
Cold soup


The brunch

1 coffee
2 pancakes w/ coulis of your choice:

caramel, chocolate, or praline
1 savory croissant

ham and Emmental cheese
1 freshly squeezed orange juice

Sweet dishes

Homemade Pastries


Macaron 1,00€

Cupcake 1,80€

Part de cheesecake 3,50€

Slice of cheesecake

Nature - Plain
W/coulis of your choice:

chocolate, caramel, or praline 

Crème de marron - Chestnut cream

Framboise - Raspberry

Croissant nature ou chocolat 1,00€

Plain or chocolate croissant

Croissant praliné ou amandes 1,30€

Praline or almond croissant

Cake de voyage  3,50€

Mini cake with flavor of your choice: Praliné noisette (Hazelnut praline), pistache (pistachio), matcha, citron (lemon) or orange

Tartelette 3,50€

Tartlet with flavor of your choice: citron (lemon), chocolate, pommes (apples), or poires et amandes (pears and almonds)

Tartelette aux fruits de saison 4,50€

Seasonal fruit tartlet

Avignon Roll 2,90€

Croissant dough filled with cinnamon or pistachio

Chocolate coulis extra   + 0,50€

Tartelette aux pignons & crémeux amande 4,50€

Pine nut tartlet & almond cream

Brownie  4,00€

Coulis of your choice: praline, caramel, chocolate with « chantilly » (whipped cream)

Cookie 2,50€
Coulis of your choice: praline, caramel, chocolate with « chantilly » (whipped cream)
Pancakes 2 pieces 3,00€

Choice of topping: sirop d'érable (maple syrup), chocolate, praliné noisette (hazelnut praline), caramel

Add-ons: fruits de saison (seasonal fruits), crousti-praliné (crunchy praline), noix de pécan (pecan nuts), noisettes torréfiées (roasted hazelnuts), chantilly (whipped cream    + 0,50€

Gâteau Pancake  9,90€

6 pancakes topped with chocolat noir (dark chocolate), fruits de saison (seasonal fruits), chantilly (whipped cream) and caramel or praline coulis;

or 6 pancakes topped with sirop d'érable (maple syrup), noix de pécan (pecan nuts), and homemade caramel coulis

Formules sucrées

Sweet combos:


1 iced tea; 1 cake of your choice.

For a light bite:



1 smoothie; 1 cheesecake of your choice.


For an afternoon snack:

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